The Visit

Posted: August 22, 2013 in corto

Satan2The Devil said it. He came and said it. We were sleeping, but we heard it all. We thought we had dreamed it; it was actually real though. He spoke in a loud voice. We didn’t understand some of the words since they were foreign. But we got most of it. Then he left. We stayed in bed until the morning. We got up and went outside. It was sunny and warm, just like he had said it was going to be. We took off our clothes and danced. We got loud. Then it started raining. We heard the sound of violins coming from the forest. We went inside and sat by the fireplace. We were all silent. But we knew.

  1. teresa says:

    Very very good! Hasta me persigné.

  2. Z & M says:

    If that was the work of the Devil, let me tell you, he is not as Bad as they say!
    Loved it!

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