Posted: January 4, 2019 in corto, cortos

“You spray the soil, not the leaves”, I tell you, as you water the seedlings in the pots by the window and we discuss dystopian literature. “My favorite dystopian novel is ‘Lord of the Flies’,” you say. I look at you and ask you if you would like some tea. “I’m adding sugar this time, just a bit.” You nod your head and inspect one of the pots.

“I agree. It’s a basic human story. Humanity at its core. It probably is the most universal dystopian novel,” I finally say as I heat up the water for the tea.

“Is it time to replant these seedlings? Are they ready to be planted outside in the garden?”

“I’m not sure. Will they survive?”, I reply and hand you a cup of warm tea.

“Let’s wait then. They’re safe inside. So many bugs out there.”

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